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What's the purpose of opener replacement if it works fine?

If your electric garage door opener works fine and has the necessary features for your safety, you don't need to change it unless you want to get more modern openers. Though, if the opener isn't automatic and lacks basic safety features, it's the recommendation of our Maywood specialists that you would replace it.

Can I enter a new password to my keypad alone?

Of course, you can. After all, that's the meaning of having high tech opener access systems. Wireless keypads can be useful in multiple levels and definitely your safety and security are enhanced by your capacity to change the code. You usually just have to enter the current code in order to do that.

What are the different types of garage door movement?

When it comes to garage doors, door movement is not just some common phrase to mean the movement of the door panel. It generally refers to the specific type of movement a garage door does. It could be a standard lift, a high lift, a full vertical lift, or low headroom.

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